My name is Koons. Jeff Koons


The current Retrospective at Whitney is the artist’s first major museum presentation and is organized by Scott Rothkopf, Nancy and Steve Crown Family Curator and Associate Director of Programs. The survey presents in chronological order the full scope of Koons career – 150 works, including the most iconic ones, created between 1978 and today. Good news – after New York the show will be on view in Paris at the Centre Pompidou (November 26, 2014–April 27, 2015) and in Bilbao at the Guggenheim (June 5–September 27, 2015). You can also explore it online


I find that the work for myself is more and more minimal. I’ve returned to the readymade. I’ve returned to really enjoying thinking about Duchamp. This whole world seems to have opened itself up again to me, the dialogue of art.



Koons likes introducing into art popular motifs and banal objects, he wants the viewer to feel comfortable and simply to have fun. The artist’s approach is playful, humorous and sexy. Controversies caused by mass culture inspirations and usage of industrial fabrication help the artist to shine even brighter. Vacuum cleaners? Inflatable flowers? Basketballs? Lobster? Oh yes, and many more cosmic ideas. Koons’ work can be described with many adjectives: kitchy, funny, absurd, shocking, controversial, glossy, they are all out of this world. Smiling Winter bears (1988), silver French Coach Couple (1986), flowered Puppy (1995), Hanging Heart (1995-98), dirty Dirty – Jeff on the Top (1991) or famous Balloon Dog (1995-98). The XL book published by Taschen shows them all being richly illustrated and features a really good selection of Koons’ works as well as several interesting essays (all texts are trilingual: English, French and German) and the artist’s comments to the series of his works presented chronologically. I like coming back to this book, especially when I need to cheer up. It’s crazy but it’s fun!  


JEFF KOONS, ed. Hans Werner Holzwarth, with texts by Katy Siegel, Ingrid Sischy and Eckhard Schneider, statements by Jeff Koons, Taschen