LEARN FOR LIFE. New Architecture for New Learning

I must admit I spent quite a few moments going through ‘Learn for Life. New Architecture for New Learning’ wishing I was 5 or at least 12 again. The book features about 150 projects from all around the world. The compilation of kindergartens, playgrounds, schools, youth centres, common spaces in the workplace or public installations makes it a book for people of all ages (we never stop learning, do we?). We can admire inventive ideas of architects thanks to remarkable pics of each space. The selection of photos is so good, that all pages have the ‘wow factor’. Even the images can stimulate our imagination!

 As people continue to live longer and become more educated, an emphasis on lifelong learning means that one’s educational development doesn’t just stop after high school or university but now continues through the workplace and beyond. By making learning a career rather than a requirement, creative and collaborative teaching strategies are finally replacing the era of memorization and standardized testing.

‘Learn for Life. New Architecture for New Learning’ is perfect for exploring the new attitudes towards the design of spaces for educational activities in all ages. Architects and designers are innovative about the application of colour or light. They are aware of the fact that the space should be experiential, multifunctional and dynamic and they also make sure it’s well adjusted to the age group. Toddler will need more space for relaxation, while youth rather for freeing their energy. Above all the space should ‘allow the seed of lifelong creativity to be planted and nurtured as early as possible’ as put by the authors. In this sense all presented projects are sensational and revolutionary. Their architects reinvented the way we learn by creating spaces evoking joy, curiosity and creative experience.

You know what? I will just let you see some of the spaces...

                                                           Aren’t they amazing?

LEARN FOR LIFE. New Architecture for New Learning, Gestalten

 All images courtesy of the Publisher - from Learn for Life. New Architecture for New Learning, Copyright Gestalten 2014