I truly adore Olafur Eliasson’s works and can easily call him a genius. His oeuvre is so complex that escapes simple descriptions. It encompasses many, often completely different, fields of knowledge. The best way is to experience his creations live but when it’s not possible The Encyclopedia published by Taschen will be very handy. The book embraces all of his amazing projects revealing more about not only the results but also the processes. This fascinating story is told with a help of an alphabet, I've taken some of it to tell you more about this exquisite experience. 



E EXPERIMENT  Experiment is one of the artist's key words describing the way we should lead our conversation with art. In one of the interviews with renowned curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, Eliasson blames galleries and museums for imposing standard point of views. Alternatively they should create conditions enabling the audience to experience art and formulate their own opinions. When you flick through The Encyclopedia's pages, so beautifully designed and full of impressive images, you can see that Eliasson's works are perfect example of stimulation. His pieces, just like the book, bring constantly new sensations.  

J JOURNEY Reading Encyclopedia is like the most beautiful journey full of many surprising and inspiring adventures. I borrowed it once to someone who was totally not into art and you know what? They loved it so much that even tried to recreate some of Olafur’s inventions with homemade methods, may be risky but that’s the spirit! 

S STUDIO is based in Berlin where quite a crowd of specialists in many fields, architects, engineers and craftsmen work together on testing various artistic ideas. They execute numerous projects, some scale-wise gigantic like 'Waterfalls' for NYC or ‘The Weather Project’ for Tate Modern in London. The book presents the stories behind the concepts that will keep you amazed until the very last page. 

X XENOPHILIA means an affection for unknown/foreign people or objects. It's the antonym for xenophobia and could be easily used as a synonym for artists’ and art lovers’ approach of curious eye. Olafur Eliasson is excellent in showing us how to be open minded, interact and find inspiration. 

Y YOU  You are the core of the whole thing. The works are created to be participated in, interacted with. They provoke to use all your senses and emotions to fulfil them. From the very beginning of his career Olafur Eliasson examines the perception and each project shows how an individual act it is. The artist often says that ‘what we have in common is that we are different’ and constantly challenges the way we perceive the world.

Z ZERO - there is no time to lose. Get the book and discover Olafur Elliasson’s art. It’s absolutely amazing!


An Encyclopedia, Studio Olafur Eliasson, Taschen. Concept: Olafur Eliasson, Editor: Anna Engberg-Pedersen, Editorial coordination: Florian Kobler, Introduction: Philip Ursprung, Taschen