What colour would you attribute to sin?

And what colour is childhood for you?

How does black influence your thoughts?

Are you calmer when looking at the blue sky?

Which colour alarms you?

Is red a positive or a negative colour?

Can colours breath?

Is black and brown a good colour match?

What is your response to a rainbow?

What is your relationship to the colour turquoise?

What colour are your memories from high school?

Do you dress monochromatically or prefer a polyphony of hues?

How does your body react to violet?

What does navy blue communicate?

Is orange able to express romantic love?

Are your reactions to yellow positive?

Are you aware of the power of the spectrum of colours and their influence on your emotions? 




In the summer of 2014 all residents of Frankfurt and visitors to the city who fund themselves between the cathedral and Roemer will encounter a remarkable sound installation by one of the most important Swiss artists of our time. It will be located in the rotunda of the Schirn Kunsthalle, a public, freely accessible space. Max Hollein 


*the questions inspired by the conversations in the catalogue