ART & You

On one hand there are many art theories (quite often fairly complicated), on the other hand art works (too often inaccessible) and on the top of this, there is modern life with its hectic and overwhelming pace. How to put everything together and feel confident while sailing thorough the artistic ocean?

Usually we have to do with single works and shows, artistic scandals or auction records and encountering all those individual stories it’s hard to have a wider view, a proper perspective across disciplines and practises. ART &TODAY by Eleanor Heartney arranges it for us clearly and collates art with various topics starting with popular culture, through nature & technology or identity, to audience. Each chapter is focused on exploring the relation between art and particular problem featuring plentiful examples of artists and their works (the book is richly illustrated!).

“The real issue is that art can no longer be understood as an isolated phenomenon, pursuing its own imperatives without reference to the outside world.” It certainly is and given the fact that we live now and here, we actually not only observe constant changes but also participate in them, so in a way we're capable of being in a very straightforward conversation with contemporary art. 
ART & TODAY provides additional support showing how to string all facts together.

ART & TODAY is very engaging and brings knowledge how to allocate a work of art or somebody’s practice within a wider context hence provokes individual research. We don’t feel lost or overwhelmed anymore just positively curious about the world around us and the role of art in it.

One of the questions posed in the introduction sounds: “What does it tell us about art today if it can encompass such diversity?” This superbly thought-provoking and insightful text will bring many ideas to each careful reader. 


             Art & Today, Eleanor Heartney, Phaidon